• Please watch the Documentary Divorce Corp. It outlines what is going on in family courts and how to change it.
  • The Family court is a 50 Billion dollar a year industry, More money goes through family court than all the courts combined.
  • The Current Family court system is an adversarial process in which two parents/ former spouses fight for their own children, and assets, sometimes spending almost all they have just to see their own kids.
  • Each day 24,000,000 children in America are growing up without a biological parent.
  • The Constitution is not being followed in family court, people have no 6th amendment rights to an attorney, and if one cant be afforded they are SOL.
  • Family court judges are playing GOD with people and their children’s lives, not “doing what is in the best interest of the children” But doing what it takes to drag out disputes in order to suck all of the money from litigants.
  • The Judges are not following the law, nor are they following the constitution.
  • Judges Have to much discretion, and almost no over site bring in their biased in regards to who should see their own children.
  • Due to The Family court stripping good parents out of kids lives it is the leading cause of so many social issues of our day; Anxiety, Depression, Drug use, Mental illness, Criminal history, teen pregnancy.
  • The current system incentives Parental alienation syndrome. And Pathogenic parenting.  Where one parent poisons the children against the other parent.
  • Shared legal and physical custody (50/50) must become the standard, not the exception, as statistics show children growing up without a biological parent are 85% more likely to exhibit serious behavioral disorders.
  •  We encourage abandonment of the wasteful and poisonous “Title IV-D” program [authorized under the Social Security Act of 1975, 42 U.S.C. § 658(a)] administered by HHS, whereby the federal government redirects billions of dollars from social security funds to states.  Title IV-D absurdly rewards states for collecting child support from broken families by paying localities dollar-for-dollar “matching” federal funds for each dollar collected from a child support debtor.  This “matching scheme” effectively bribes state family courts to maximize child support awards by rearranging child custody between parents to impose an artificial “visitor” parent and “custodial” parent status.
  • People are being Thrown in debtors Prison for unpaid Child Support.
  • We the People are getting our licenses/ passports taken away from unpaid child support.
  • Child support must be changed to a low flat rate based on the national avg, lowered based on parental involvement. incentive’s involvement not enforcement as outlined in (Under title 42 Sec 666, Must be repealed!).
  • If a Fit, willing, and able parent wants to be in their own children’s lives they should be able to.
  • The Peoples Parental rights are being striped from them.
  • We need to pass the 28th Amendment in regards to Equal parenting, and parental rights!
  • There needs to be a high set standard of what one can do to lose access to their own children;

1.   Is the child in danger?
2.  Has  either parent been found to be unfit?
3.   Does making a particular decision infringe on the rights of one or both of the parents?
4.    Does the state have the legitimate authority to infringe on a married couple’s rights?

  • Current laws are too vague, almost anything could be construed as a DV.
  • Domestic Violence is the “Silver Bullet” In custody disputes and used to keep one parent from the other.
  • Domestic violence or the allegation of can cause so much damage, needs to be different levels and based on merits
  • Current system if the cops get called out someone goes to jail, ( Even if both parties do not want to press charges, The state will pick it up).
  • TPO’s are granted to loosely and used to gain an advantage in Custody matters. A program designed to be a shield is often used as a weapon.
  • Peoples 2nd amendment rights are being striped from them, as any DV charge will take away ones gun rights for 7 years.
  • Need to Change the current criminal law system.
  • Courts designed to enslave people with the law, force “Plea Deals” strips people of their rights.
  • System is designed to fill the jails/Prisons to induce more federal funding.
  • Need to Focus on Rehabilitation not imprisonment/ Punishment.
  • Public Defenders are often not defending people. Helping prosecutor/ system to get people thrown in jail.
  • Putting suspended sentences , or stay out of trouble orders to continually keep someone-ingrained in the system.
  • Putting someone in jail/prison for making a few stupid mistakes is and then ruining ones life is not the answer.
  • All Officers including, Judges, attorneys, police, should have to spend a weekend in jail to experience the  oppression and conditions they are sentencing people to.
  • The Jail/ Prison system is stealing from people, starving them. Making them pay exorbitant rates to get food.
  • Private companies are making money from incarcerating people. See Keeffee Network.
  • No equal access to justice.
  • Charging .25 a min for phone calls, 1.20 per ramen soup!
  • Need to redo our current justice system, stop enslaving the American people for profit.

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