Reforming Family Court is about putting checks and balances in place where children are involved.  The courts are keeping children from parents and vise versa when no crime or harm has been committed.  The lawyers install fear, divide the parents and prolong what should be a quick and painless process as long as possible while demanding ridiculous fees and out of pocket costs for “court approved” psychiatrists when insurance should be acceptable.  Basically, the children are being held hostage while Lawyers and Doctors extort money from the parents who are terrified of losing their children.  It is impossible to navigate the maze of family court without the help of a lawyer and parents are punished for not being able to afford representation.   Stay at home parents should be protected by the law not further harmed and terrified by abusive partners who control all the resources.

Supporting equal parenting where no crime or harm has been committed.  One must be proven guilty before ankle bracelets, drug testing, psych evaluations, supervised visits and mandatory doctors fees and medication are imposed.  These are unfair and unjust practices especially when one parents lawyer is married to a Family Court Judge!